Vermont Evergreens at Young Farms

Wreath Tree Planting at Young Farm

While we do guarantee our balsam wreaths, trees and decorations to be the finest, please be aware that each item is handmade with a living material and will not be an exact duplicate of the picture shown.

Limited quantities of all wreaths- be sure to order early!

Special sizes and orders available, call Allen or Tami at (802) 626-6000 or (802) 535-5069. Please email us with any questions or comments.

Vermont Evergreens at Young Farms brings to you our handmade balsam Christmas wreath or tree for you to use in your holiday decorating.

Fresh cut Balsam Christmas Wreaths

Our fresh cut Balsam Christmas Wreaths are hand tied here in Lyndonville, Vermont. We then carefully decorate them to beautify your home with traditional Christmas spirit.